I strive to offer custom coaching to anyone seeking an individually-tailored program. Below is an overview of just some of the services I offer at AROG Personal Training. To find out if my programs are right for you, get in touch today.


  1.  Personal Training: I offer one on one or small group sessions with a certified fitness specialist.  My facility is private (no gym crowd).  A physical fitness program hour will be spent improving strength and conditioning levels through various techniques, including sports training, strength training, weight training and high intensity interval training. I utilize free weights and conditioning drills including different styles of running, jumping, biking, and elliptical movements.  Based on each person’s level, I apply intensity in a safe and effective manner.
  2.  Training Style: My approach as a health & fitness personal trainer comes from a variety of experiences and fitness programs.  I have meshed my workout routines from the world of track and field, boxing, and football.  My clientele includes teenagers who play competitive sports to retirees who just want to improve their health and everything in between.  Everyone has a place in my gym.  It is my hope to partner with each customer in our pursuit of achieving a healthy exercise lifestyle.
  3.  Nutritional Guidance: As important as exercise is for each individual to reach their fitness goals, eating habits are just as vital.  Exercise and proper nutrition must work together equally in order to achieve a body transformation. Through my nutrition consulting, I enjoy aiding each member of my fitness family with meal planning in a simplistic manner, whether it be for a weight loss diet plan, a weight management program, or a diet built to aid in strength and conditioning.